How to boost your SME during the summer?

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The summer period always offers an excellent opportunity for renewal and improvement. As a company, you have probably been putting out fires during this busy year, and now it is time to stop. You have the chance to review and make improvements, so here are some practical tips on how to boost your SME over the summer.

1. Improving processes

Looking back over the course of the year, we will probably find some activities, projects or tasks within the company that have been taking up more of our time. For example, you may need a CRM for contact management, or if you have unproductive meetings, you may need a project manager for team coordination. Technology can be a great ally to automate many tasks, thus reducing costs and making better use of resources.

In addition, you can delegate to external professionals, for example some SMEs choose to outsource Human Resources to the business. This way they can focus more on their business and get a good performance.

2. Training

Staff within the company need continuous training, and the holiday period is a good time to consider this.

For example, if you have undergone a digital transformation, a specific course on improving your IT skills could be useful. You might also consider training in the use of professional social networks such as LinkedIn, or in soft skills for your company, such as negotiation, teamwork, leadership, public speaking and so on.

There are specific aids for companies to promote the development of skills. Fundae is in charge of facilitating this type of continuous improvement for companies, with special bonuses.

3. Cash flow forecasting

The current times of inflation are a key scenario to stop and analyse. You will probably want to review your expenses and look at sources of better income. Taking a good look at your financial situation and potential improvements in business profitability can make all the difference this coming year.

There are many specific actions that may suit your SME to boost it this summer. You might decide to obtain credit, diversify, raise prices to customers, install energy-efficient solutions and many other initiatives. In any case, the key is to do a thorough analysis and define a concrete strategy that will help your business.

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