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mejores erp gestion de empresas

Long meetings, searching for documentation or mailboxes full of pending emails are some of the headaches for companies. Technology is a great ally to achieve greater efficiency. Within the digital transformation of companies, ERPs (Enterprise Resource Planning) are highly recommended software. What are the best ERPs for business management?

ERPs make it possible to manage the entire business in a unified and intuitive way, integrating the company’s different IT solutions in a single panel. However, some software is easier to use than others, more suitable for one business or another depending on the sector and preferences, and more or less integrable.

That is why we are going to mention some criteria for choosing between the best ERP for business management, as well as concrete examples of existing and affordable programmes on the market today.

5 criteria for choosing the best ERP for your business

Every company has its own culture, preferences, way of working and needs, but in general these are the key points to assess before choosing one of the best ERP for business management.

With this type of software you can run your entire business, from accounting and HR to production and supply chain management, through sales, marketing and all other departments.

1. Ease of use

Every company has professionals with varying degrees of technological expertise, so it’s key to have software that’s easy to use and easy to learn. That’s why, when choosing among the best ERPs, it’s essential to prioritise those that are intuitive, even for new employees or people with limited digital skills.

2. Integrations

Compatibility with other IT systems can make a big difference.

For example, if your company currently uses an accounting programme, an ideal ERP would be one capable of including your own current accounting software, as well as a POS payment system, the CMS if you have an ecommerce or any other programme or platform that you use or may need in the future.

3. Accessibility

Some ERP software is on-premise and some is in the cloud, and there are those that can only be used on a PC in the office, and those that allow access on smartphones and any device. The more accessible the system is from anywhere, the more flexibility it offers you on a day-to-day basis.

So you can access documentation or add information in real time whether you are on a business trip, teleworking or on a business visit.

4. Adaptability and scalability

The programme’s ability to adapt to your needs is also a factor.

For example, if you need to add a certain box because your sales team requires it or the administration needs a specific section to improve their productivity.

5. Support and ease of data extraction

A good ERP programme is not only one that has everything you need, but one that also gives you access to a support company that can help you if the need arises.

If in the future you need to transfer data, make a backup, resolve a technical issue or any other issue, you should have support for this or an open source programme that you can modify with the help of a programmer.

What are the best ERPs?

Among the programmes on the market today, the best ERPs that meet these points are Microsoft Dynamics 365, SAP, Oracle, Sage, Holded, Odoo, Zoho, Salesforce, Openbravo, Force Manager, among others.

Some are more affordable than others, and each has its own advantages and disadvantages. You will have to choose the option that best suits your needs, depending on your budget, whether you want one in the cloud or on-premises, whether you want it to be open source or not, whether you prefer to prioritise certain modules or functionalities, etc.


In short, a suitable ERP must be intuitive, accessible, integrable, scalable and with sufficient support to respond to needs or possible problems.

We hope that this brief summary has been useful to know the best ERP for companies. It is time to analyse, compare, test and choose the most suitable programme for your business.

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