5 reasons to hire an online consultancy

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The digitalisation of companies is a fact, but many businesses still operate in the old way, without taking advantage of the great benefits of an online consultancy service. If your company is considering taking the leap and having a consultancy that offers not only in-person but also online services, here are some good reasons to do so.

Reasons to choose an online consultancy

Why hire an online consultancy for your company? At 347 Asesores we have been combining face-to-face and remote services for many years, and that is why we want to highlight the many benefits of having an online consultancy, especially nowadays.

Find out the main reasons and take advantage of technology to boost your results in 2022.

1. Saving time

Online consultancy allows companies to get the same service as always without consuming the travel time and agenda that traditional consultancy sometimes entailed. It is possible to access documentation, sign contracts, make arrangements, and hold meetings remotely, with digital tools, thus saving a lot of time.

2. Cost reduction

Improved efficiency allows avoiding travel as mentioned above. It also means less costs for the company in terms of staff hours, as it can free the team from many meetings and unnecessary emails, because many tasks can be automated and a lot of information can be obtained quickly in the shared digital tool.

3. Information and documentation always accessible

Another great advantage offered by an online consultancy is that if at any given moment you need access to a payslip, a contract, any information from your company’s documentation for any procedure, etc., all of this is just a click away.

4. Support from anywhere

Online consultancy makes it easier for companies to request consultations and ask for support in any procedure without the need to be in a specific place. For example, when you are travelling or even at home at the weekend, you can have online access to important resources.

5. Up-to-date technology

The use of online communication, management and coordination tools enables businesses to work more productively and therefore has an impact on profitability. It also makes it easier for companies to use more agile systems for other areas of the business, such as customer or supplier management.

Does this mean giving up face-to-face counselling?

In no way does it mean abandoning traditional consultancy. This online model does not imply giving up the human touch, quite the contrary. At 347 Asesores we know from experience that automating many processes and streamlining communication is precisely the ideal starting point to be able to have a more human and unhurried connection, as technology improves efficiency and helps to lighten the workload for everyone.

The hybrid combination of online consultancy when necessary and face-to-face consultancy when preferred is what allows us to take advantage of both formats and achieve a relationship between the consultancy and our clients of the highest quality and always prioritising personalisation.

Our commitment to technology is a reaffirmation of what we have always been: a professional office focused on the client, empathising with your needs at all times.

Would you like to know more about our online consultancy services? Contact us and discover all the advantages of having the support you need from anywhere.

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