5 keys to the new customer service law

ley atencion al cliente españa derecho

The Spanish Council of Ministers has initiated the drafting of a Bill on Customer Services. Knowledge of these regulations will be important for companies providing services in Spain. All companies with a certain volume of employees and business will have to follow the regulations. Let’s see what it consists of and its key points.

1. Time limit for resolving complaints

The company must respond within 15 days to complaints, claims or incidents received. In the case of basic services, such as electricity supply, for example, the period is reduced to two hours. In addition, the service may not be terminated or the supply of any kind cut off while a complaint is in progress.

2. Waiting times for calls

The consumer will have the right to demand reasonable waiting times, specifically a maximum of 3 minutes. Under the new customer service law, the company will have to ensure that at least 95% of the calls received each year are handled within the 3-minute maximum waiting time.

3. Limited automation

Many companies use business software to improve their productivity, but in customer service this must be limited. The exclusive use of robotic customer service systems is prohibited and, if a consumer asks to be served by a person, companies will have to meet that demand.

Furthermore, specific rights for groups with disabilities are included to facilitate accessibility. Companies must have resources to specifically assist the elderly or people with disabilities, for example, by offering them instant messaging services or sign language interpretation systems.

4. Calls may not be transferred to a payphone.

During the course of a call made to the customer helpline, which must be free of charge, it is not permitted to transfer the call to a payphone.

5. Customer service as a separate department

The company’s customer service department should be separate from other departments, such as marketing, in order to avoid new services being offered to the consumer in the course of a communication.

Who is affected by this law on customer service?

The measures mentioned are not for small entrepreneurs, but for large corporations. It only affects companies with more than 250 employees and a turnover exceeding 50 million euros.

Consumers, including individuals and also freelancers or small businesses that have a large company as a supplier as those affected by this law, will have the right to demand as foreseen.

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