We want to evolve the old model of labour, accounting, and tax advice, as it provides little or no value to management for economic decision-making and replace it with a more modern model of FINANCIAL AND HUMAN RESOURCES CONSULTANCY where consultant and client collaborate in real time in the economic management of their business.

Our aim is to become that specialised part of business management that every business owner’s brain must have. The focus of our activity must be oriented towards the business owner, the true objective of our firm. We are focused on the business owner, his circumstances, needs and priorities. We are totally results-oriented, and our teams are made up of reliable, decisive, and efficient people with a teamwork culture.


We believe, work, and focus on what matters.

1. Technology

The use of technology to maximise the automation of processes that do not generate added value to the service.

2. Training

Ongoing training of team members, determining the most suitable way for employee training and development.

3. Communication with the client

Contact must take place on a regular basis, not only in response to client problems.

4. Identification

We identify our customers' requirements. We are proactive, not reactive.

5. Marketing

We communicate what we do and what we say, we do it by looking for companies that appreciate our service.

6. Implementation

We implement a proper development of Human Resources policies, both within our firm and in our clients' businesses.

7. Maximisation

We maximise performance and output, determine which are the indicators to evaluate them, and reward them appropriately.

8. Determination of factors

We identify the determining factors for the effectiveness of the procedures in the job.

9. Evaluation

We evaluate the performance of all facets of the office.

10. Profile definition

We define the ideal profile of the professional who should occupy a position in our office, and we help our clients to find their ideal candidate.

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